I created a form in a page I called Weebly Form Tester and when it was published for some unknown reason Weebly called the page dev-web.weebly.com/wsite-form-tester.html and not dev-web.weebly.com/wsite-form-tester.html.

When published it produced a  404 error stating page could not be found. I renamed the page RT Form Tester and all OK!

In fact the above will make little sense as again when published it changed the weebly in the second url to wsite.  Strange.
When using drop down menus I think there is a risk that the top level may be overlooked.

So what I prefer is that selection of the top level takes you to the same page as the first item in the drop down menu. This way there is no danger of the top item being missed.

Above is an example of the menu system.

This can be achieved quite easily by 
  1. Publishing site to find url of the Photography page in the sub menu.
  2. For the top level set the Link page to external site to point to this url.
Now whichever one you select you will end up on the page and there is no chance of overlooking the top level.  
I can find no text command to do this but it can be easily achieved by using multiple columns.

A major advantage of multiple columns is that they can be included within a column and the dividing position of the columns can be dragged to any position. These features enable one to embed text as shown in my Test Page.
This could not be easier. I develop site on my MacBook and have my iPad on the table beside me. On the iPad I have my Weebly published site open on Safari. Every time I publish amendment or addition from my Mac I just refresh Safari page on my iPad to check all is OK.
Just upgraded to Weebly Pro and now I have up to 10 sites capability I have decided to use one as a test vehicle to fully learn features and capabilities.

I will use this blog to record progress and to act as a note book.